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Music Hosting

Since 2021 I have ran the Norwich Psych Fest music festival at the Norwich Arts Centre. Alongside this I have fascinated nights of alternative music across Norwich, having the pleasure to host bands such as:

The Wytches, BDRMM, Tess Parks, The Soundcarriers, GNOD,

Sunda Arc, The Asteroid No.4, Robert Cox, Magic Shoppe, Karma Sheen, Noon Garden, The Cool Greenhouse, Large Plants, Lemondaze, Floral Image, Kyanos, Bug Teeth, Gladboy,

Ben Auld, Ryan Jordan (NNNNN), Under The Sun, Red Mar,

Vostok, Italian Books, Diacritical Mark,  Ampersand Noise,

How The Man Do, Lone Mesa, DSHAPPYBOI, Talking Sleeve,


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